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TGC History

In 2005, Turner Group Construction was established by family members Len Turner, Lance Turner, Lagon Turner, and Fred Mackay. These four were soon joined by Ken Houston and La Tanya Hawkins.

This fateful collaboration created a vital integration of well-honed skills, such as, General Contracting, Contract Negotiating, Human Resources Development, and Property Management. The union included former owners of state-of-the-art Builders; Mackay Professional Building Services, Top Notch Builders, and One Touch Property Maintenance.

Under this leadership, and the combined 80 years of construction and management experience, the company focused on residential rehabilitation and property maintenance. Soon the scope of work was expanded to include construction of commercial and industrial projects, such as, hospitals, medical office buildings, educational institutions, ports, transportation railways and similar projects.

Today, Turner Group is established as a premier Bay Area minority contractor, dedicated to the redevelopment, renovation and renewal of the communities in which we live and work.

TGC’s mission is to deliver affordable, quality construction and property management services to every project within the community.