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Bay Area General Contractor

Turner Group Construction serves a variety of clients in multiple Bay Area counties. We possess the required licensures, certifications and bonding required in several Bay Area cities. We understand the small, local business enterprise policies of Bay Area cities and are aware of how difficult it is to identify qualified S/LBE, MBE, DBE certified firms. We are committed to serving the unique private and public construction needs. We work closely with Bay Area Municipal authorities, planning and other departments to ensure all Bay Area construction goals are our goals. TGC provides construction of residential, commercial and industrial buildings. Our highly experienced team provides excellent construction, utilizing state-of-the-art design and function standards for all new construction and remodels. Your feedback is important to us. We work with each client, one on one, to ensure every structure is completed with the highest construction and aesthetic design standards.

Our services include: commercial, industrial and residential design, blueprints, permits and surveys, new construction, remodels, renovations, room additions, custom, concrete foundations, grade beams, footings framing, roofing, electrical, siding, drywall and texturing, stucco, full interior and exterior painting, plumbing, kitchens, bathrooms, hardwood, laminate, granite, marble and tile flooring, carpeting, Formica, wood, granite and marble countertops, cabinetry, decks & staircases, general site services, general property maintenance and management personnel. All customized projects undergo cost and time projection analysis that provide a step-by-step overview and recommendations for desired outcomes.